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Oh and by the way, Hick did average more than Thorpe and he averaged the
same as Robin Smith who is meant to be the best player of pace in the

Why can't people get off Hick's back since the India tour Hick must be
averaging over 45 and has taken a few wickets and some catches.
He has an average of 32 which is improving all the while and has been
since his debut series, (hardly a nice welcome West Indies comprising
of Ambrose, Marshall, Patterson and Walsh) and I believe if Hick can
maintain his improvements and place he will finish with an average of
over 40.
Take Allan Lamb as a comparison, lamb did play the ball coming on quickly
better than Hick as he was more aggresive but he only finished with an average
of 35 hardly a lot of difference !!   Another example is Mike Gatting he
took ages to score his first century and he scored his centuries against
fairly weak attacks : Auz 85, Ind 85 or 86 ?
Gatting is a good player but he did struggle early on against quality bowling
but he had alot more grit about him.  He only averages 37 and give Hick
a few series's and I believe he will be around 37.
In the last World Cup Hick got alot of runs including a classy 80 odd against
SA and played beaut I believe we should see how he performs this Summer before
you slag him off again.  Do not forget it wasn't a bad ball that got him out in the first test.

Any reply's welcome

Rob Cummings