Taking out the Rubbish Bin

Taking out the Rubbish Bin

Post by Joe Bla » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 17:27:37

God I love a good losing streak. Last time Oz ODI cricket got this bad
the selectors had a real purge, stuck the finger right down the throat
and out came a whole lotta shit

Tubby - GONE
Healy - GONE
Boonie - GONE
Moody - Dammit, couldnt get rid of him
Law - GONE

The selectors had enough of carrying 'Boys Club' players on the team
and rightly dumped the lot. Players that had spent a few seasons
proving to the public that their best days were behind them, or that
ODIs werent their cup of tea.

And now, with Oz staring down the barrel, the ACB should look at going
the technicolour heave with the likes of

PHEW Waugh, Steve Waugh, Warne, and that clown Brett "Ive got Steves
Balls in my mouth' Lee (0/87 REMEMBER THAT ONE ***LEE!?!?!)

Get rid of them I might stop cheering for Chris Harris every time he
gets the ball......