Salim Malik(Imran khan)

Salim Malik(Imran khan)

Post by Kamran Mohamm » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 15:11:05

SHohban writes:
>People blame Imran for what he does most of the time, politics.
>This is what he is doing for last 15 years, started right after
>the home series against India in 1978.  He is a dirty politician
>as hell, period.  No matter what he has achieved and how many
>times he axed a fellow cricketer, forget about countrymen, he is
>a *** character and you are damn right that he is responsible
>for what Pakistan team is right now, team with no discipline at
>I heard that Wasim Akram has boldly accepted that he was drunk
>when caught in West Indies with some crack.  I must praise Imran
>for what he claimed as a best choice for Pakistan,  man leading
>the side has drinking habits and not to mention that he do like

.>pumping ***s too.  Birds of feather flock together.


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Dear Sohban
            Its because of Imran khan Pakistan won some of series
which without him nobody can imagine to win.I will refer India in India
and England inEngland and then WC 1992.
No doubt he goes for a person of his liking but he has all the
right to do so because he is one who have to answer the team's
performance and he always goes for one who really has shear talent.

It was Imran khan inspiration which brought this fast TRIO W&W and AAQIB
and shaped them one of the best.

Without him Pakistan cricket will be like an orphan .He is not a
selfish player who plays for the records..



Salim Malik(Imran khan)

Post by Kamran Mohamm » Sun, 11 Jul 1993 06:38:42


>Asim, Shamim, and Kamran has problem taking my words though
>they are not false in totality.  So you folks are interested
>in my sources as i made a scoop on scp on their basis.  

I haven't read that interview or the interview which Jawad has
mentioned so you can say that I have a second, third or n hand
news.  But news is news no matter how disputed it is, though a bad
news often turn into a good rumor.  Now you (Shamim) particularly ask
me about 'pumping ***s' so this is a first hand news and if you
get a chance ask Akram about it.  Akram used to come in Gulshan where

>Nilma used to live and many TV artist are still living. Nilma Hassan
>was his pick, which by no means is clean. You can challenge me here
>too but before doing it consider the working environment in TV and
>film industry ( though i hate to say that it is an industry) and you
>may recall ' Yai hurum nahin hai Shaikh je yahaN parsai haram hai'.      
>Imran's charisma is something that has sealed many lips
>otherwise that saint of yours in not pious either which he tries
>to pretend.  Media was/is on his tail and i guess there is some
>But the conclusion is it is their personal life and they are
>not accountable to us for what they do in their private life.  In
>our society things are little different, we have social bondings which
>we can not break easily and it's because of those affiliations we are
>not allowed to do certain things.  It is only this problem which arises
>many questions in a mind of a common man.  Media and Imran has nothing
> stuff deleted
>SOHBAN SHAHID                
>Civil Engg. Dept.                (303) 491 7710/8204 (work)
>Colorado State University        

I really agree with you that everybody has his private life bad or
good .It's all his problem and we should 't have to do with it.
Our society is not like here but it is somehow some of these things
Regarding  wasim akram's pick neelma hasan it's not bad
 if it's not sixer  at least a four through cover..

I think he should be responsible after getting'** engaged.'