[Scorecard] Ind Wills: Wills XI v Hyderabad, 1 Nov 1995

[Scorecard] Ind Wills: Wills XI v Hyderabad, 1 Nov 1995

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Wills Trophy Quarter Finals
Wills XI v Hyderabad
Municipal Corporation Ground, Rajkot, 1 November 1995

Tendulkar, Manjrekar & Khoda decimate Hyderabad -  G. Viswanath

The ``Sachinomics`` of cricket  held  sway  in  the  quarterfinal
match  between Wills XI and Hyderabad in the Wills Trophy tourna-
ment at the Municipal Corporation`s Race course ground on Wednes-
day.  The  little dynamo of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, has
several times in the past overwhelmed rival  bowling  at  various
levels of cricket, to influence the course of a match. Today, the
Wills XI captain, Tendulkar gave a new dimension to  his  aggres-
sive batsmanship. His 89-minute, 89-ball 121 with three 6s and 17
fours was sort of mayhem on the  Hyderabad  bowling.  Tendulkar`s
``only ***`` attitude and approach, not only gave a clear in-
dication of which way the match was heading for, it  also  influ-
enced rookie batsman Gagan Khoda and Sanjay Manjrekar to tear the
Hyderabad bowling to pieces.

Tendulkar`s 121 was followed by a quick 103 by Manjrekar  and  in
the   end   Khoda   remained   unconquered on 121. Wills XI`s top
three batsmen`s feat ought to be some sort  of  world  record  in
limited  overs games. Their joint effort came close to obliterat-
ing the world record, but in the end Wills XI put up an  imposing
379 for three in 50 overs. This splendid effort erased all Indian
records in one-day cricket. And then the expected happened in the
afternoon  session.  Hyderabad  did not really think of chasing a
massive target. It finished at 185 for six wickets to  be  beaten
by a huge margin of 194 runs.

Dubious decision

Kanwaljit Singh did not take a  decision   after   he   won   the
toss. He sought advice from his team and manager on what would be
the best option and decided to field. Maybe he thought the shades
of  green on the pitch would allow scope for someone like Javagal
Srinath to ***his top order batsmen. The tradition is you  al-
ways  decide  to  bat  on winning the toss. Neither did Kanwaljit
have a menacing new ball attack, nor a solid batting line up.  In
the circumstances he should have opted to bat first, but he chose
to field, which least to say was startling.

Hyderabad`s preference to  field  first  pleased  Tendulkar   the
most. And he was right there in the middle with Rajasthan`s Gagan
Khoda. And sure enough, by the first drinks  interval,  Kanwaljit
would  have  had afterthoughts on whether his decision was right.
For, Tendulkar in that period of time from 9 to 10-15  a.m.   had
given   full  expression  to  what  he  thought of  the Hyderabad
bowlers, a few of them he may not have even heard before he  went
out to bat today.

Wednesday`s knock by Tendulkar should rank  second  best  to  the
effort  he  made  against  New  Zealand at Eden Park, Auckland in
February 1994. Then the target was small, but his rapid fire   82
had  demolished the Kiwi attack, but on Wednesday his team was in
pursuit of setting a target and he ravaged the Hyderabad  attack.
After  his  initial  reading of the pitch which had always been a
batting paradise with a fast outfield, because of its rock  base,
Tendulkar batted in a tone only he could do.

Pupil and master

Khoda, simply watched Tendulkar in action, and was attentive like
a  pupil to the advice from a master in between overs.  Tendulkar
had plenty of time to pick and place his shots against any bowler
who  came up to bowl to him. Obviously he had decided to make the
most  of the  field regulations  in the first 15 overs. There was
the  backfoot and  stepping out cover drives, the flick to square
leg,  the lofted  on-drive and whip to the long-on and mid-wicket
fence. To the 10,000 spectators at the Racecourse ground, Tendul-
kar`s  dynamic display was a bonus, having been let into see some
cricket, gratis, by the Saurashtra Cricket Association.

After htting three 4s, Tendulkar  stepped  out   to   lift   N.P.
Singh  straight  and  beyond  the sightscreen. He raced to his 50
from 35 balls with one six and seven 4s. The Wills XI 50 came  in
seven  overs  and soon Tendulkar reached his 100 in 69 balls with
two 6s and 16 fours. It was stirring stuff all the way. With Kho-
da  also  joining to attack the bowling, Wills XI raced to 150 in
15 overs. Fortunately Hyderabad saw  the little  man  walk   back
after  Tendulkar  decided  to steal a single off a fumble by Noel
David at extra-cover. Tendulkar was yards out  when  David  threw
the  ball  back  to  the bowler Raju. Wills XI`s score was 169 in
18.3 overs when Tendulkar made his exit.

Tendulkar had set the tempo and on a perfect batting  pitch, Kho-
da   and   Manjrekar,   although  unable to match their captain`s
spellbinding effort, persevered to sustain the aggression, Khoda,
ever   giving  the  impression  of  being restless, even on-drove
Kanwaljit Singh for his first six. The high point of  the  second
wicket partnership was the rotation of strike.

Manjrekar was his typical self,  batting correctly and never los-
ing   the   opportunity to sweep Raju, Kanwaljit and David.  With
the field well spread out there was never  the  danger  of  being
caught  inside  the  ring.  Khoda`s  second  six over long-on off
Kanwaljit saw him cross  the  half  century  mark and   Manjrekar
quickly  rattled up his 50. It was a morning which was thoroughly
dominated by Tendulkar, but from the team point  of  view,  Khoda
and  Manjrekar  attacked with gusto to make sure their team would
put up a formidable total.

Manjrekar was the second batsman to  reach  his  century  in   89
minutes  and 105 balls with one six and ten 4s. The second wicket
stand had added 188 runs when Manjrekar was caught at deep  back-
ward  square-leg.  Pravin  Amre  was  one batsman Hyderabad could
claim to have dismissed while defending. He was  Venka   Pratap`s
second victim in the end overs.

Rare feat

The opener Khoda completed his century and remained  unbeaten  on
121  (150  balls,  2 x 6s, 10 x 4s). It ought be a rare feat of a
team`s top three batsmen making centuries in one innings. But  it
was  Tendulkar`s  fantastic  offensive which helped Wills XI take
the initiative in the first hour of  the  match  and direct   the
course of the match. Wills XI`s 379 for three wickets took in its
path three one-day records: 342 for six  by Maharashtra   against
Gujarat  in  the  1994-95 Ranji one-day league match in Pune; 299
for eight (in 60 overs) by Karnataka against Uttar Pradesh in the
inaugural Wills Trophy tournament in 1977-78 and 297 for five (in
50 overs) by Wills XI against Tamil Nadu at Jamnagar in  1989-90.
The   record  in  limited overs  is 413 for four (in 60 overs) by
Somerset against Devon in the Natwest trophy.  Somerset  achieved
this feat at Torquay in 1990.

Early reverses

Hyderabad did not go for the tall target,  especially  after Sri-
nath    and    Mhambrey    got   wickets  in  their  first overs.
Nandkishore and M. V. Sridhar added 60 runs for the third wicket.
Hyderabad  was reduced to 105 for five after Sairaj Bahutule took
two wickets. Sridhar was dismissed after Amre took a  fine  catch
at cover, stepping backward and plucking the ball one handed fol-
lowing the uppish shot from the batsman.

With no point in chasing the target, Laxman batted  sensibly  for
two hours to show that he is one of the talented young batsmen in
the  country.  He  forged a  half century stand with N. P. Singh.
Laxman struck six 4s, all of them on the on-side. He kept his on-
drives down, picking most of them on the  full. Laxman`s unbeaten
62  was the saving grace  for  Hyderabad,  which was never in the
match after Tendulkar`s brilliant onslaught in the morning.

====> Scorecard

Toss: Hyderabad
Result: Wills XI won by 194 runs.

WILLS XI innings
SR Tendulkar          run out                                 121
G Khoda               not out                                 121
SV Manjrekar          c Nand Kishore     b Venka Pratap       103
PK Amre               c Ashraf           b Venka Pratap         0
R Dravid              not out                                   6
Extras                (lb 14, w 9, nb 5)                       28
TOTAL                 (3 wickets, 50 overs)                   379

FoW: 1-169, 2-356, 3-357.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
NP Singh                     6      0     55      0
Vishnuvardhan               10      0     86      0
David                        9      0     79      0
Venka Pratap                 8      0     59      2
Kanwaljit Singh              7      1     44      0
Raju                        10      0     42      0

A Shetty              c Manjrekar        b Srinath              0
Ashraf Ali Khan       c Manjrekar        b Mhambrey             1
Nand Kishore          c Dighe            b Robin Singh         33
MV Sridhar            c Amre             b Bahutule            20
VVS Laxman            not out                                  62
Venka Pratap          c Tendulkar        b Bahutule            17
N David               run out                                   5
NP Singh              not out                                  22
Extras                (b 5, w 14, nb 6)                        25
TOTAL                 (6 wickets, 50 overs)                   185

FoW: 1-0, 2-6, 3-66, 4-66, 5-105, 6-131.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Srinath                      5      1     14      1
Mhambrey                     5      0     22      1
Robin Singh                  6      1     33      1
Bahutule                    10      2     31      2
Tendulkar                    4      0     19      0
KVP Rao                     10      2     33      0
Dravid                       8      0     19      0
Amre                         2      0      9      0

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