Imran gets married in Paris

Imran gets married in Paris

Post by Tippu Hass » Fri, 19 May 1995 04:00:00

The newspapers here are still awashed with articles on imran and
his marriage with "The Australian" yesterday devoting a full page to
the relationship. Jemima and Imran met in a nightclub where Imran
was having a deep philosophical discution with jemima's mother on
the values of Islam. Jemima was captivated and made her interest
in him quite obvious. This of course is all according to the paper.

In another report, the couple flew into paris yesterday and have
been married according to the islamic way. The pakistan ambassador
to france was the chief witness as required under islamic law.

After the cerimony, Jemima asked the journalists if the couple
could now please have some time to themselves. The editor of Jang
daily sent flowers to Mrs Jemima Khan and when imran rang to thank
him, the editor says he could hear jemima giggling in the background
and the couple sounded very happy.

The civil cerimony will be in London on the 20th of June.


Tippu Badshah... Nahin rheesaan saday khan diyaan :)

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