The Indian shenigans and best ever pre WAR teams

The Indian shenigans and best ever pre WAR teams

Post by Pranshu Behari Saxen » Fri, 07 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Dear sir,

2 parts :

Indian shenigans and sidhu affair :
 If you look at Indian captaincy dramatics since 1932, the indian captains
have always lived on edge of the sword with senior players used by the selectors, various pressure groups as stalking horses and cause coups.

LP Jai tried to use CK against Merchant in 1937, the farce in 1958, using Ramchand vs. Adhikari, later Indrajitsinghji vs Pataudi in 1965, Merchant using Borde and Hanumant Singh vs Pataudi ensuring Wadekar 's selection.              
using venkat against Bedi, using Vishwanath against Gavaskar in 1979, Shastri
and then Vengsarkar against Kapil. Note not all players were aware that they
were being used but were pawns in the powergames. prob. Borde wanted captaincy
but rest were just pawns. I have doubts about Vengsarkar too!

anyway, since 1988, Vengsarkar Captain, Shastri and Amarnath senior players,

first thing Amarnath out. then Srikkant vice captain promoted over shastri.
then Vengsarkar lost his job which he did'nt deserve anyway. The 6 top players
were suspended : Vengsarkar, Kapil, Shastri, Ahzhar, More and Arun Lal.
Lal 's career anyway was over. Srikkant became captain, lead a successfull
revolt against board and dropped at first available oppurtunity.

for New Zealand tour 48 players were invited to camp, and seniors Vengsarkar,
Shastri dropped. Ahzhar the most pliable of seniors made captain. In an
interview, More said that he had gone for his marriage and when he got back,
he was informed that he was proposed for captaincy and he could'nt be located
so next choice Ahzhar was made captain and more Vice captain.

since ahzhar took over, shastri in decline, vengsarkar and srikkant finished.
so, no alternative was there to him . Then prabhakar, the most consistent,
and reemerging sidhu appeared. Tendulkar the crown prince. The embattled king
hits back, getting rid of potential rivals in Prabhakar and Sidhu, Manjrekar,
a shadow of himself, not a threat. This is a interesting scenario which
indicates that Ahzhar has a cunning scheming mind.

No way! that ass has hay for brain, sidhu and prabhakar are not out due to that moron 's scheming but due to other reasons like Prabhakar 's rubbing board
members wrong way, even DDCA officials fight with him all the time.

Sidhu, pleasant quite Sidhu. I have no explanation other than Patil himself
is a moron and naricisst (excuse the spelling, it means someone who loves
himself too much).

My colleagues , Sachin has never scored a century since 1993 when Sidhu has'nt scored one, for sachin 's success , sidhu has to be there.

Sidhu 106, Sachin 165
Sidhu 79, Sachin 78
Sidhu 62 , sachin 62
Sidhu 104, Sachin 104*
Sidhu 39 , Sachin 71
Sidhu 124 Sachin 142
Sidhu 99  Sachin 96
Sidhu 98, Sachin 43
Sidhu 12 Sachin 85
Sidhu 107 Sachin 179
Sidhu 76  Sachin 54
Sidhu 0  Sachin 40
Sidhu 33 Sachin 52*
Sidhu 41  sachin 2

And if sachin flops, we are a goner! Sachin 24 and India 214 allout.

As for the thread on best pre world warII players :

I would chose Clem Hill straight away as he was the most consistent on all
types of wickets whatever Darling says. His record is better than Trumper.
The Trumper Hill pair can be compared to Tendulkar Manjrekar pair except Manjrekar is not consistent like Hill.

English XI

JB Hobbs
H Sutcliff
W Hammond
E Paynter
Mclaren (c)   he was a idiotic skipper but fun to read about
EG Steel though he could be send quite high in order too
Shaw the first ever bowler

12th man : J Bearley the pacer, F Wooley

Australian XI : easier to chose

Don Bradman
Clem Hill
Macterney/ Woodfull            
W Armstrong (c)

reserves : McCabe  Richardson, Collins S Gregory

Thanking You

Pranshu B Saxena

 Thanking You,
 Yours sincerely,
  Pranshu Behari Saxena       UCS Apriori Engineer