Cricket-south Africa

Cricket-south Africa

Post by Jude fernan » Tue, 24 Aug 1993 05:08:40

Reflections on Cricket with South Africa

 A few years ago, follwoing the tradition of penalizing those who "do
buisness" in South Africa, Sri lanka imposed a ban on Warnapura(Bernard
Perera etc) led Cricket team for their tour in South Africa.  Nothing has
changed in South Africa. Killings and other forms of human rights
violations have gotten worse.  The white regeim has intensified its
brutalities. Among the South Africans there is a deep sens of despire, and
feeling of betrayal by the Human-rights- loving "United Nations."  We have
seen that there is only there is nominal a claim for democracy. In
otherwords there are a few moves towards procedural change of governance,
while there is no indication of substansive change in anything. what is
most evident is the tokenism and marking of time. what difference has it
made following the release of Mr. Mandela ? True that the circumstances
forced Mandala to shere the Liberty Medel with De Klerk.  However, we need
to realize there were more protesters at the ceromony in Philadelphia than
the supporters. The ANC and PAC and large segments of African American
community in America,  infact participated in the protest rally infront of
the place where the medel was awarded.  However, cricket world has welcome
south africa with open arms. Do they realize that South Africans presense
in the international Cricket scene is an demonstration for "changing"
conditions in SA, and provide legitimacy for the white regeim. This infact
contribute towards the delay the handover of power to those for whome it
belong. Their is imanse political gain for the white regeim by
participating in Cricket with countries hitherto impossed restrictions.  I
have a lot of South Arican friends(the real citizens not the alien
racists-white. Note that there are exceptions). They are furious about
this(not that they were unaware of the hypocracy before i.e. some of these
countries buying weapons from SF and having investments).  They laugh,
especially, at the so called poor countries who suffered under colonialism,
and continue to do so under "neoimprialism". South Africans feel that these
countries has betrayed them.  Interestingly, there has been no protests
agianst playing with south Africa.  Where are the human right agencies?
This shows the parochialism/nackdness of the humanrights advocates, and the
continuing surbodination of sports to the ideological and material
interests of the powerful/big countries.  Just because the western
countries have lifted the ban it doesnot mean that the Non-white countries
need to do the same. Ofcourse, countries like SL, India, and Pakistan (just
like their white allies) are consistant with respect to the humanright
violations within their own countries! I mean thier treatment to minoriteis
etc.,  In any case those cricket loving fans whose assign a greater value
to "life" than cricekt should boycott all forms of thier participation in
cricket with South Africa.  lets Use cricket as means of brigining peace
and justice to those who need. So once a game is over we all (palyers,
fans, exploiters and non-participants) can can enjoy "Booze" and have a
"good sleep" without hearing cry of those who are unable do so.


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Standard disclaimer.


Cricket-south Africa

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> A few years ago, follwoing the tradition of penalizing those who "do
>"good sleep" without hearing cry of those who are unable do so.


>Standard disclaimer.

>Standard disclaimer.

Please. Bad spelling, bad grammar and no paragraphs. If you want to flame us
do it in a format that I don't have to struggle reading.  ;)


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