Same old story!

Same old story!

Post by Nikhil Daddika » Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:00:00


History repeats itself; but in India's case it repeats much too
If you observe India's performance over the last decade then you
will see a very clear pattern:
1. India gets humped by a strong team e.g Aus, WI etc.
Reason: mostly poor batting
Recognised batsman's avg. ~ 20
Tailender's avg. ~ 20
SRT's avg ~ 50-60
Bowlers do ok!
Managers comments: 1. Boyz played lot of cricket and were tired
                2. Bad umpiring 3. Bowlers need to improve
Nobody, except a few, is sure whether he will be in the team.
Some surprising changes in the team, the captain is changed and

2. There is a series w/ SA, ZIM or UK
India thrashes them very very badly. 3-0 in tests 5-1 in one days
Recognised batsman's avg. ~ 100 (except SRT)
Tailender's avg. ~ 30 !
SRT's avg ~ 60-70
Spinners perform very well 20 wickets each at an avg of 15-20.
thanks to some "good" wickets and poor batting.
Managers comments: 1.Boyz are fresh and ready to go.
                2. We have a team for the future
                3. Lots of things to improve!!
                4. The other team played very well (..but we played even better!)
                5. xyz is a world class batsman, pqr is a wc bowler.
                6. abc is a very good captain!

Selection for the next tour: "India retain the winning combo"

3. repeat step 2 a few times and goto 1.

Lets hope that we overcome step 1 w/ flying colors. Lets hope that
for the good of cricket England plays well and gives India a good
fight. Lets hope that we really find some good players on the tour.
Lets hope that SRT scores a hundred at lords. Let hope that VGK
returns back as an improved player who concentrates mostly on


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