[Scorecard] Irani Trophy : Ranji Champs (Bombay) v/s Rest of India - Day 1

[Scorecard] Irani Trophy : Ranji Champs (Bombay) v/s Rest of India - Day 1

Post by Sadiq Yus » Fri, 14 Oct 1994 23:38:16

A report and scorecard from the first day, courtesy  Ajay  Mittal
("Acme" on irc) in Pune. The report was summarized from the Indi-
an Express, Pune.


Manjrekar slams maiden ton.  Bombay 311 for 5 outset.

by N Prabhaker

SANJAY Manjrekar continued from where he had  left  last  season.
The  Bombay skipper was in crackling form on Wednesday as he ham-
mered a stroke-filled 117, his maiden century in the Irani Trophy
cricket championship, on the opening day against Rest of India at
***hede Stadium.

The Ranji champions lost three wickets for 38 runs  in  the  post
lunch  session,  the slide which began with the wicket of Manjre-
kar, but still managed to finish the dai with  a  healthy  score,
thanks  to  their  opener Zubin Bharucha's dour unbeaten knock of

The Bombay openers Bharucha and  Sunil  More  were  edgy  at  the
outset. More hung his bat out often to Prashant Vaidya and Bharu-
cha inner-edged Iqbal Sid- diqui to be very nearly bowled.   How-
ever,  it  was  the  vagaries of the strip which had a say in the
fall of the first wicket.

Bharucha had a life on 35 when wicket-keeper Vijay Yadav went the
wrong way and failed to latch on to the snick off Siddiqui.

Manjrekar was  all  over  the  spinners  and  he  smote  left-arm
Subramaniam for three successive fours- the last two were swept -
and a six over mid-wicket. He hit 21 boundaries and  the  six  in
his  134-ball knock before another knee-height delivery by Siddi-
qui had him plumb before the wicket.   But  having  been  at  the
wicket  for  161  minutes  it was suicidal on Manjrekar's part to
have gone for a wild pull. The 163-run second wicket partnershlp,
which  was  threatening to take the Rest bowling apart, was real-
ised in 41.2 overs.

Amol Muzumdar fell cheaply while trying to work Siddiqui  on  the
leg side only to edge.

Sameer Dighe hit a brisk 57 in a 77-run stand for the fifth wick-
et  with  Bharucha.  The stocky Bom- bay wicket-keeper played the
only way he knew - to belt the ball. He ng fours and a six

Scorecard : (end of day 1)

Bombay (Ist inning batting):

Z Bharucha            not out                    98
S More                        b    Siddiqui      10
S Manjrekar       lbw         b    Siddiqui     117
A Muzumdar        c Yadav     b    Siddiqui       2
S Kulkarni        c Rathore   b    Kapoor        12
S Dighe           c Mehra     b    Vaidya        57
S Bahutule            not out                     0
Extras      ( 2b, 8nb 4lb, 1w)                   15
Total        (for five wickets off 92 overs)    311

Fall of wickets:    1-27, 2-190, 3-193, 4-228, 5-311

Rest of India Bowling:

Prashant Vaidya              15-5-36-1
Iqbal  Siddiqui              19-1-83-3
Obaid Kamal                  18-5-50-0
Sunil Subramanium            19-4-63-0
Ashish Kapoor                21-4-73-1


Not a bad start by Bombay, especially if  the  pitch  holds  "va-
garies",  as the reporter put it. 311 in a day is pretty good go-
ing. It seems that Bombay has gone with 5 bowlers for this  game.
If  that  is  the  case,  Barucha and Bahutule represent the last
recognized batting pair for Bombay and it is up to them to  carry
the  total  to at least 450 and beyond.  The 4 remaining bats may
Ankola, Mhambrey, and any 2 of Manish Patel, Abey  Kuruvilla  and
Sanjay Patil.

Also, the non-selection of Jatin Paranjpe for this game should be
condemned-  a  young,  talented  lefty like him surely deserves a
couple of chances more than he has been given.

Details of the ROI side is not available, but one can guess  most
of it ( Vikram Rathore, Ajay Mehra, Vijay Yadav, Prashant Vaidya,
Iqbal Siddiqui, Obaid Kamal, Sunil Subramanium and Ashish  Kapoor
are  all mentioned in the card). If all these are actually in the
11, its a pretty iffy piece of  selection.  That  leaves  only  2
spots  open,  both  to  be  filled by batsmen. And I there are at
least 4-5 very deserving contenders (  Amre,  Shantanu  Sugwekar,
Rizwan  Shamshad,  Rahul  Dravid,  Saurav  Ganguly, to name but a
few). Most, if not all, of these batsmen deserve to be  in  ahead
of Mehra and possibly even Rathore.          

Also, of course, it is more than slightly surprising to see Sunil
Subramanium  being picked  for  the  left  arm orthodox  spinners
spot ahead of  Utpal Chatterjee - not that Subramanium isnt good,
but Utpal  has  been touted  as  a national  contender  recently,
and one would have thought  he would have been picked here (espe-
cially after his performances in the last couple of seasons). And
neither Hirwani nor Ananthapadmanabhan have made it into the side
- another surprise.

Sadiq [ hoping for a Sairaj ton tomorrow :-) ] Yusuf