Cricket Partnership Records Wanted

Cricket Partnership Records Wanted

Post by Dinesh K. Prab » Wed, 30 May 1990 15:10:20

   Hi Folks,

      I have a few questions for you cricket stat fiends.

   1  Does anyone have the details of all the record partnerships (for each
      wicket) in Test cricket? I'm looking for the scores, the names of the
      people involved and their individual contributions, and the details of
      the Test(s) [countries involved, place, and date ... that sort of thing].

   2  Does anyone have a top ten list of the batsmen with the most number of
      Test tons?

   3  How many test centuries do the following batsmen have
      a) Viv Richards, b) Javed Miandad, c) Greg Chappell, d) Dilip Vengsarkar?

      e-mail or post your answers. Thanks much


   PS: While we're on the subject of stats ... does anyone have the address of
       the publishers of Wisden Almanac and price info. too? Thanks