[Scorecard] IND DULEEP: South Zone v West Zone, Day 1, 10 Nov 1995

[Scorecard] IND DULEEP: South Zone v West Zone, Day 1, 10 Nov 1995

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DULEEP: South Zone v West Zone
Indira Gandhi Stadium, Alwar
10,11,12,13,14 November 1995

====> Day 1, 10 Nov 95
South Zone batsmen flatter to deceive - Rakesh Rao

South Zone middle-order succumbed to its suicidal tendencies this
afternoon and almost threw away the advantage of making first use
of the wicket. West Zone, on the other hand, could not have asked
for  a  more  friendly  batting display on the opening day of the
Pepsi Duleep Trophy tie here on Friday.

At stumps, South`s 255  for  six  looked  somewhat   respectable,
after  the  left-handed pair of S. Sharath (43 batting, seven 4s)
and Sunil Joshi (13 batting) put the side on the  right path   by
raising  an unfinished stand of 45 runs. As long as the duo is in
the middle, Raman`s hopes of posting a  total  of 300-plus   will
remain alive.

Another factor that contributed significantly to the South`s  to-
tal  was  41 extras conceded by West. Since regular keeper Sameer
Dighe could not make the team owing to fever  and throat   infec-
tion,   Abhijit  Kale  had to keep the wickets.  Despite his best
ef- forts, Kale could not help conceding 21  byes  and  nine  leg

Meanwhile, South too had to   enter   the   match   without   its
wicket-keeper, Avinash Vaidya. This morning, he reportedly aggra-
vated the back injury suffered on Tuesday. That meant Dravid will
have  to  don  the keeper`s gloves just as he had so successfully
done during the Deodhar tie.

West`s skipper Shantanu Sugwekar  must  have   been   left   with
mixed  feelings  at  the end of the day. On one hand, the growing
seventh-wicket stand must be causing him some concern but on  the
other,  he  has  reasons  to be smiling as despite some very poor
quality ground fielding, his side had not let South get far away.

Wickets gifted away

On a pitch that offered very slow turn, the West bowlers did  not
do anything spectacular. In fact, they were not required to, what
with at least four of the batsmen gifting away  their wick- ets.

Rahul Dravid, Robin Singh, V. V. S. Laxman and Diwakar  Vasu,  in
that order, chose different ways to leave the middle by show- ing
a common haste so often seen in  limited  over  cricket.   Though
later,  watching  from the dressing room, they all must have felt
equally disgusted but the fact remained that their  misadventures
had reduced South from 139 for two to 210 for six.

Dravid (49, eight 4s),  after  delightfully  threatening  to  rip
apart the West attack, chose the wrong shot while undermining the
slowness of the track and was bowled off the inside edge by Salil
Ankola. Dravid tried to pull but played the shot a shade too ear-
ly and lost his leg stump.

During the 88 minutes when Dravid was on view, he  looked   in  a
***ous  mood.  As though to make up for the lack of aggression
during his match-winning  unbeaten  66  in  the  Deodhar  tie  on
Wednesday,  Dravid  went  for his strokes.  He used his feet well
against the spinners and punished them by turns, with equal  dis-

Leg-spinner Sairaj Bahutule,   who   had   removed   Raman   (16)
snapped  at  forward  short-leg  by  Hemant  Kinikar and a little
later, had well-set M. V. Sridhar caught behind by Kale, was  the
first  to  get  the  taste  of Dravid`s aggression. The Karnataka
youngster drove him to the cover fence before sending  the   ball
across the mid-wicket fence, in the same over.

Dravid then turned his  attention  to   the   lanky   leg-spinner
Nilesh Kulkarni and, in his first over, twice helped him to boun-
deries past mid-wicket.  He then square-cut the  same bowler   to
the  third  man  fence.  Then it was off-spinner Hitesh Parsana`s
turn to be hit for successive boundaries to mid-wicket. But  just
when  in sight of a big innings, Dravid left after adding 83 runs
for the third wicket with Laxman, and triggered a mini collapse.

New-man Robin Singh was guilty of trying to hit over the top  and
was   caught  by  Bahutule  at  silly point off Kulkarni. Even as
Sharath played some delectable shots on both sides of  the  wick-
ets,  one-drop Laxman made a hash of his 172-minute investment in
the middle. Minutes after tea, Laxman took off for a  single  but
failed  to  beat Nilesh Odedra`s throw, from mid-off, at the non-
strikers end.

It was indeed a sad end to Laxman`s fine innings  which   was  so
sensibly   planned   and   included  five boundaries. Vasu joined
Sharath but soon got carried away after hitting Bahutule for  two
straight  fours  in  the  same  over. Vasu holed out to Ankola at
mid-off in his  attempt  to  hit  a  straight  six off   Parsana.
Thereafter, the Sharath-Joshi combine prevented further damage.

====> scorecard

Umpires: Vijay Chopra and BSP Rao

 Day 1: South 255/6 (Sharath 43*, Joshi 13*)

SOUTH ZONE 1st innings
MV Sridhar            c Kale             b Bahutule            33
*WV Raman             c Kinikar          b Bahutule            16
VVS Laxman            run out                                  47
+R Dravid                                b Ankola              49
Robin Singh           c Muzumdar         b N Kulkarni           2
S Sharath             not out                                  43
D Vasu                c Ankola           b Parsana             11
S Joshi               not out                                  13
Extras                (b 21, lb 9, nb 11)                      41
TOTAL                 (6 wickets, 91 overs)                   255

FoW: 1-43, 2-56, 3-139, 4-149, 5-188, 6-210.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Ankola                      18      7     36      1
M Kulkarni                  10      3     23      0
Bahutule                    27      7     64      2
Parsana                     19      2     52      1
N Kulkarni                  17      3     50      1

Source :: The Hindu