Over-Rated vs Under-Rated teams

Over-Rated vs Under-Rated teams

Post by Harish Chandramou » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 06:47:53

>1.  B. Young                                        1. N. Sidhu


Karthik writes:

K> I strongly disagree including Sidhu in the over-rated team. Look at his
K> numbers both in tests and ODIs and consider the attention he gets. He's

* Heh, I knew *someone* would object to his inclusion in the over-rated Xi.
  Look at it this way Karthik - admittedly, over the last two years Sidhu
  has done a *great* (to understate it) job for India, and I for one admire
  the fact that he's scored runs not only aplenty, but he's also done it
  it in times of adversity - BUT, imho as far as I am concerned, good
  performances against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka on home soil don't justify
  his inclusion in a World Xi, and neither do they necessarily mean that he
  has what it takes to succeed on *overseas* pitches (although he did get 98
  in NZ). You say "look at his numbers...", but do you know that the same
  Sidhu, prior to being invited to the "Zim-Sl-Eng-Sl tours feast" averaged
  < 30 (29.**) in TEST cricket? I had the distasteful experience of watching
  the famed Indian team in South Africa, and quite frankly till I see Sidhu
  (and the rest of the top order) performing well (averaging at least
  40), on overseas tours, I for one won't hesitate to label him, and the
  rest of the Indian top order, as a bunch of over-rated and spineless
  set of cricketers.

K> Please don't start a thread about Sidhu's technique etc. I could hardly
K> care for those details.

* Ok I won't :-) But I admit - the fact that he looks like a slightly
  injured roach when at the crease, *did* have something to do with his
  inclusion in the side :-)

P.S: And don't tell me people haven't praised him enough - because
     they certainly have!

K> Karthik