Ex India and Pak captains in Hawala racket?

Ex India and Pak captains in Hawala racket?

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  Who could this two captains be?   Asif Iqbal and Gavaskar? (since it
clearly states that they are ex-captain turned commentators).  


Mumbai, June 17: Away from the glare and focus of the match-fixing allegations,
some of the countrys most powerful cricket administrators, a former Pakistan
cricket captain, a former Indian cricket captain, a television magnate and a
known securities broker have been collecting huge amounts of match-fixing money
and channelling it through hawala transactions to two bank accounts in Sharjah
and Switzerland.
Investigations by this correspondent reveal that one of the accounts, number
1020777 Barclays Bank, PO box number 1953, Sharjah, belong to the former
Pakistan cricket captain, who has emerged as one of the main players in the
entire match-fixing racket.

This newspaper is currently making inquiries about the other account, number
743387, in a Swiss bank.An original source who refused to be identified said:
The securities broker is the frontman. For crucial matches, the group
consisting of the two former captains-turned-television commentators played the
Mumbai market and made collections through a top bookie codenamed Steel.

Steel and a jeweller one of the best-known names in the jewellery business,
operated jointly.Independent investigation and checking reveals that all such
transactions were carried out with the complete knowledge of one of the
countrys best-known cricket administrators, whose term as a senior executive of
a cricketing body is coming to an end shortly, along with a senior official of
the Indian cricket board who has often rubbished allegations of match-fixing
against Indian cricketers.

.... check the link above for more details of this disgraceful racket.


Ex India and Pak captains in Hawala racket?

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>ubject: Ex India and Pak captains in Hawala racket?

It sounds like the two captains other than salim, Azhar and Gavaskar. I think
this may refer to Ramiz and Shastri? Bottom line, a lot of people were involve
during 1993-1997.



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