Pot calling the kettle black

Pot calling the kettle black

Post by Rajeev Men » Sun, 29 Apr 1990 09:28:13

)) >>[deleted]
)) >>Gavaskar's brilliant knock of 97. Definitely one of his greatest innings!
)) >
)) >Correction. Gavaskar made 96 for 4 in that match! ;-))
)) >             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
)) >
)) >Salman [googly] Azhar
)) >
)) was he bowling or what ???????????????

No. It was a feeble attempt at humour. Of course when Gavaskar was given
out caught off his elbow, I did not see Imran "sportsman" Khan calling
him back. It is pitiful to hear about such ***ings ( like Maradona's
goal against England in the World Cup ).

So let us speak about the paragons of virtue, the Pakistani umpires. Never
mind what Ian Botham, Mike Gatting, Allan Border, and several others have
to say. I think it was against Sri Lanka recently that Javed Miandad had
a severe argument with a Pakistani umpire for being given out leg before.
Till then, he had been dismissed lbw at home only twice, compared to 16 times
abroad. He was simply not used to being treated this way !! I guess Javed
always plays on the front foot, well forward, when he is in Pakistan :-)
Wasn't it Mike Gatting who told a Pakistani umpire, "I know he is bowled,
but is he is out?" ? It is a good thing that they have neutral umpires in
Pakistan. They've had it elsewhere since cricket began..

Sports has become so competitive to players and spectators alike that
winning means everything. Even if it means maligning the umpires. Or
quoting statistics to suit our point ( like I just did, right ? ).

I wonder what it gets us arguing about "Linekar is better than Maradona"
or "Pakistan is better than India". Unless of course the goal is to see
our name in bold on the net, and inviting flames.. We are all proud of
our team and its achievements.

Rajeev "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" Menon