Post by Timmy the Mediocr » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Personally, I would rather the Australians didn't sledge so heavily. They
are good enough as players to win many series on merit, and I wonder how
many first rate batsmen are actually put off by name calling and jibes?
Having said that, I have no real problem with having a go at a batsman's
technique or confining comments to to cricket related issues. It's the
personal abuse that seems a little useless.

P.S Does anyone actually believe that the Sri Lankan team is a posse of
gentleman like Princes who's love is only for the joy of playing cricket?
Please! At such a level of sport, an ingrained hardness is almost crucial.
The Australians sledged all throughout the Sri Lankan tour, on the field
that is.  One certain fat little chap chose to do his sledging in the
press, and then had the gall to describe himself as a true gentleman.



Post by Don Mile » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Sledging is only required if you don't think you can win any other way!
If you're good enough you don't need it. Like some of the agressive
driving you see on the roads, it speaks volumes about the insecurity of
the individual perpetrating the "offence".

I feel some of these attitudes have detracted from modern professional
cricket. I have a pet hate of fast bowlers who try to kill the batsman
because they appear not to have the skill to hit the stumps.... I have
no objection to the occasional bouncer, but have sometimes been left
wondering if the guy can bowl anything else ...

Don Miles    
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