Why blame ponting?

Why blame ponting?

Post by koraga.. » Thu, 13 Nov 2008 20:48:07

Krezja was the most successfull bowler for the match.
Ponting had Krezja at one end and the other end he made clarke, hussey
etc bowl.
It was quite some overs ago that fast bowlers got wickets.
Even the last two wickets was captured by a spinner.
Another one was run out.
The next wicket also fell for krezja(Dhoni).

He had part timers bowl for 12 overs.

A few months ago, this became a master stroke when clarke took wickets
and India crumbled.

The only worthwhile wicket Watson took after this was of Bajji, if you
can say so. By the time India have crossed the river and may be Bajji
was not keen to keep his wicket.

I would say Dhoni and Bajji kept a price on their wicket during the
last session and
it did not matter who bowled at the other end, they were not giving it
up until India was safe.

I would give due credit to Dhoni and Bajji.
They were n't tailenders, at least not this Bajji of recent times
against Aus.