[Scorecards] Australia : South Australia v New South Wales and Victoria v Western Australia

[Scorecards] Australia : South Australia v New South Wales and Victoria v Western Australia

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   Played at the Adelaide Oval, 16,17,18,19 December


   Day 1: South Australia 4-317 (Lehmann 86* McIntyre 12*)

   Debutant Ben Johnson's 56 and Greg Blewett's 50 gave South Australia
   it's first century opening stand as the bowlers struggled. The closest
   they came to a breakthrough was Glenn McGrath's near censure for
   behaviour on a turned down dismissal. A wild slash just before lunch
   brought the first wicket Blewett caught first slip. After lunch Nobes
   attacked and Johnson was out caught at square leg off Robertson.
   Lehmann subdued and Nobes his typically ungainly but successful self.
   Nobes out to the second new ball slashed to gullt and then McGrath
   bowled by a leg-cutter late in the day.

   Day 2:
   Day 3:
   Day 4:

South Australia 1st innings
G.S. Blewett            c Taylor        b Robertson     50
B. Johnson              c Bevan         b Robertson     56
P.C. Nobes              c S Waugh       b McGrath       97
D.S. Lehmann            not out                         86
J.A. Brayshaw                           b McGrath       0
P.E. McIntyre           not out                         12
Extras                  (3b 5lb 2w 3nb)                 16
TOTAL                   (4 wickets, 100 ov, 372 mins)   317

FOW: 103,124,295,295

Bowling         O       M       R       W
McGrath         24      8       69      2 (3nb)
Lee             13      3       64      0 (2w)
M Waugh         13      1       49      0
Maxwell         10      3       41      0
Kershler        15      4       27      0
Robertson       25      7       59      2

                        WESTERN AUSTRALIA V VICTORIA

   Played at the WACA, 16,17,18,19 December


   Day 1: Victoria 9-342 (Elliott 171* Fleming 20*)

   Having won the toss and elected to bat, Victoria stumbled initially
   before finishing the day in a position that suggests an outright is
   entirely likely in this game. The early loss of Ayres to one of the
   few balls Julian managed to get near the crease was quickly followed
   by Jones who elected to play across the line to the second ball Julian
   got near the crease. Angel didn't even need to get it too near the
   crease as Hodge chased a wide delivery and sent it straight to second
   slip. The lefthanders Gardiner and Elliott then punished the bowling
   to make it 3-97 at lunch, immediately after Gardiner hooked Angel to
   fine leg. Wrigglesworth and Elliott took it further adding 85 runs
   before Wrigglesworth cut one to slip, Reiffel edging to the keeper
   shortly afterwards left it at 6-200. 6-200 frequently leads to 220 all
   out but this time the WA bowlers showed just how far they have come
   down, by allowing all the lower orders batsmen (bar Hughes) to score
   runs. In fact they tok it to 342 at stumps, scoring at almost four an
   over, an excellent more positive display from the Victorians. And with
   47 runs for the last wicket added, it is not over yet. The *** pin
   of the innings of course was Matthew Elliott who again passed 170
   against WA and held the entire innings together.

   Day 2:
   Day 3:
   Day 4:

South Australia 1st innings
W. Ayres                c Moody         b Julian        4
M.T.G. Elliott          not out                         171
D.M. Jones              lbw             b Julian        4
B.J. Hodge              c Moody         b Angel         3
G. Gardiner             c Cary          b Angel         43
I.A. Wrigglesworth      c Veletta       b Angel         31
P.R. Reiffel            c Gilchrist     b Moody         0
S.K. Warne              c Veletta       b Angel         ??
D.S. Berry                              b Cary          39
M.G. Hughes             lbw             b Cary          0
D.W. Fleming            not out                         20
TOTAL                   (9 wickets)                     317

FOW: 24,30,39,112,197,200,???,???,295

 (Tea bowling figures)
Bowling         O       M       R       W
Angel           17      4       71      3 (6nb 2w)
Julian          16      5       46      2
Moody           11      3       21      1
Cary            8       3       26      0
Stewart         8       1       34      0
Martyn          2       0       12      0