Agarkar vs Abid Ali

Agarkar vs Abid Ali

Post by rkusene » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 01:35:59

                      Mat   W   BBI    BBM     Ave  Econ    SR  5wi      10wm

Abid Ali              29    47  6/55   7/116  42.12  2.85  88.5  1       0

Agarkar               16    35  3/43   6/127  46.57  3.22  86.5  ha ha  he he

definitely a huge improvement for Agarkar. He has beaten some indian bowler
in at least one attribute, in this case SR.

Thanks for reading.



Agarkar vs Abid Ali

Post by Shripathi Kamat » Sun, 16 Nov 2003 08:26:52

Dude, let it go :-)  You have needlessly driven Ram Jaane away.  We need
him, and heck, at least he is trying--he finally admitted that Srinath was
better in tests than Aggy so far.

Besides, I already posted this for completeness

Shripathi Kamath

No Eknath Dhondu Solkar?