England-croft-tudor+7 batsman=stupid selectors

England-croft-tudor+7 batsman=stupid selectors

Post by david mclev » Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:00:00

England selectors have bungled again not picking croft,dropping
tudor+picking 7 batsmen.

Robert croft played in last tour match against vic taking a couple of
wickets in each innings.If they were always giong to play such why did
gooch+co not pick him against vic.Peter such is a good spinner but with
england tail
not wagging it could be said it is not docked by the inclusion of such
instead of croft.Such is not a rabbit he is a ferret goes in after a
rabbit(eg mullally).Dean headley has being included in the side after a good
match against vicbut instead of coming in for crawley who has played
terrible in his two test innings,He has came in for young alex tudor who
bowled well in perth and after a good debut is surely high on confidence.

One question i know will never be answered is if thorpe was fit and playing
would england have picked seven batsman is this another sign of no
confidence in hick?

My adelaide xi
1 butcher
2 atherton
3 hussain
4 ramprakash
5 stewart
6 hick
7 croft
8 headley
9 tudor
10 gough

An interesting footnote in shane warne columm in the age(thanks to all who
gave me info about aussie newspaper site)warne predicted such would possibly
play in 3,4 +5 tests.Wonder what odds he got?