WC, Zim v Aus, March 14, Zim after 42 overs

WC, Zim v Aus, March 14, Zim after 42 overs

Post by Robert E » Sun, 15 Mar 1992 15:22:23

Game is now 46 overs/side after rain interruption after 15th over
of Australia's innings.  That ended on 6/265 (M.Waugh 66* from 39 balls).
Zimbabwe need 266 in 46 overs to win.

Must have counted overs wrong somewhere...

After 39:               8/127   (Brandes 17, Traicos 3, Extras 20)

Taylor again to Brandes, who pulls over mid wicket, four.  Next out
to long on, single as it bounces just before the fielder.  Next ball,
Traicos hits full toss straight out to Border at extra cover.

=       Traicos         C Border B P.Taylor       3     9/132   9 balls

Duers in last for Zimbabwe, Taylor to bowl to him.  Duers taken on the
pad, balls flies high, Healy around to pick up.  Nothing next ball.
Single to backward square.

After 40:               9/133   (Brandes 22, Duers 1, Extras 20)

Steve Waugh to bowl again now, he has 3 overs left.  First ball outside
off stump, let go to Healy.  Then a wide down leg side.  Defended towards
third man, Boon fields from gully.  Beaten next ball.  Slower one next,
Duers forward, defends.  Wide outside off stump, Duers swings, misses.
Duers plays and misses again at the next.  Duers swung at the next, inside
edge into his pad, then just away wide of off stump, barely.

After 41:               9/135   (Brandes 22, Duers 1, Extras 22)

Taylor to Brandes who swings over mid wicket, lands safely before the out
fielders, just a single.  Duers chipped just over the bowlers end stumps,
another single.  Branders attempts to swing Taylor around to leg side,
misses, taken by Healy down leg side.  Next ball, Branders swings out
to deep backward square, McDermott in a few metres, waits for it, catches
it easily.

=       Brandes         C McDermott B Taylor     23     10/137  28 balls

After 41.4:             9/137   (Brandes 23, Duers 2, Extras 22)

=       Dures                   not out           2             10 balls
=                                       Extras   22
=       Overs 41.4:                     All Out 137

=       Win to Australia by 128 runs
=       Man of the Match: Steve Waugh