SHARJAH CUP (Pak wins big)

SHARJAH CUP (Pak wins big)

Post by Salman Azh » Tue, 01 May 1990 05:42:25

           Pakistan piled up 311 runs in their alotted 50 overs with Ijaz
Ahama scoring ~89 (in ~65 balls) and JM scoring ~70 (in ~85 balls).
Later Waqar Younus (the fastest memeber of the four-pronged pace
attack) trimmed the Sri Lankan innings by taking six wickets (with a
mojority of clean bowleds).

           With mercurial batsmen like JM, Salim Malik, Ijaz, Saaed, and
Imran couple with a quartet of worlds dealiest bowlers (Wasim Akram,
Imran Khan, Waqar Younus, Aaqib Javed), Pakistan has established
itself as the world's most EXPLOSIVE team (whether Pak is world's best
reamins debatable).

Salman [with a healthy pat from the bat] Azhar

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