'I'm looking for one more chance' - Chopra

'I'm looking for one more chance' - Chopra

Post by CiL » Fri, 24 Nov 2006 04:52:13

It's been said that you didn't have too many shots. That your top hand
was locked and so you could never play through the off side.

Aakash Chopra:  You won't score runs if you can't play through the off
side. The Duleep final was covered live, people would have seen that,
60% of my scoring shots were on the off. If you don't score runs, or
get dropped, there are thousands of opinions voiced and judgments
passed on your technique. There were flaws in my batting, and still are
- nobody is perfect. But the same people who passed those comments will
talk differently when you make runs - they'll say 'he's changed' or
'he's improved', even if you're doing exactly the same thing. Basically
you're still the same player - perhaps you're working more on your
all-round game. But it's not possible to change your entire game.

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