Best bowling figures after first 5 Tests

Best bowling figures after first 5 Tests

Post by Aslam Siddiq » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Dubery) writes:
>Subject: Impressive figures for Paul Adams

>Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 07:34:59 GMT
>SABC showed some interesting stats during the 3rd day's play. This
>match is Paul Adam's fifth and he has better figures than Kumble,
>Warne or Mushtaq after a similar number of matches.
>Approximate figures are....
>Adams             22 wickets      average of +- 20
>Kumble            20                         +- 23
>Warne              6                easily over 40
>Mushtaq            5                    ditto
>Maybe Aslam can confirm these figures, but it does seem that "Goggo"
>has made an immediate impact. Wether or not he can sustain these
>figures and go on to rival Warne's sustained excellence remains to be
>Bob Dubery

A. Most wickets after first five Tests:

45   CTB Turner (Aus)
40   RM Hogg (Aus)
39   AL Valentine (WI)
37   TM Alderman (Aus)
37   ND Hirwani (Ind)
36   AA Mailey (Aus)
36   FR Spofforth (Aus)
36   AE Hall (RSA)

B. Best bowling average after first five Tests (at least 20 wickets):
Wkts  Avrge
 45    9.40     CTB Turner (Aus)
 29   11.31     GA Lohmann (Eng)
 40   12.31     RM Hogg (Aus)
 33   14.06     JJ Ferris (Aus/Eng)
 33   14.42     FS Trueman (Eng)
 25   14.56     JT Hearne (Eng)
 25   14.60     WA Johnston (Aus)
 26   14.62     JK Lever (Eng)
 27   14.89     K Higgs (Eng)
 23   14.91     EA Martindale (WI)