Big Shots of Tomorrow (2/6)

Big Shots of Tomorrow (2/6)

Post by Anwar Jala » Wed, 27 Apr 1994 21:05:51

               BIG SHOTS OF TOMORROW

Basit Ali (Pakistan)
Hansie Cronje (RSA)
M. SLater (Australia)
S. Tendulkar (india)
S. Thomson (NZ)
J. Crawley (eng)

Hansie Crohje South Africa

While B. Lara plays golf before resuming a world recodr-breaking
 innings. HC is more likely to go to church. At 24 and with looks
 and the zeal of a young Billy Graham Cronje's ascension to the
 captaincy is eagerly awaited by a south african public enthralled
 by the young man's upright and handsome stroke play.Recently,
 against Australian attack build around Shane warne, his scores
 in the one-day series were 112,97,45 and 50. He also took 251
 off the tourist for Orange Free State. Then in the first Test
 the Australians had to bowl to him for another whole day as he
 made 122. By this time the Aussies had a problem they aren't
 these days used to having to address.

Michael Slater tomorrow

taken from Sunday Observer without permission .

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