Ravi Iyengar is a masochist

Ravi Iyengar is a masochist

Post by Sridha » Fri, 04 Sep 1998 04:00:00


> Kapil's figures were 15.3-4-48-2 and 24-5-52-1.
> Hadlee's figures were 20.5-5-49-6 and 16-3-39-4.

> So Kapil bowled more than Hadlee and was PATHETIC, specially against Healy
> and tailenders.

surely not. must have been hadlee or smith you were referring to.

> From 8/180 NZ scored 279 runs and IIRC Kapil bowled atleast 10
> overs without troubling the tailenders. Great bowling. The match swung from
> India's side to NZ.

iirc, the match swung because indians let bracewell trouble them.
bottomline: india won the series.

> Ravi Krishna.