I watched PGA Tour golf today!

I watched PGA Tour golf today!

Post by Frostbac » Sun, 22 Jun 2003 09:19:38

..well, I tried anyways!

I got in 18 holes, walked them all, and was even thinking of walking 1-7
again, but a 5some of urban rednecks were teeing off the first tee, in
between the burgers and the beer..so I went home.

I watched TGC coverage of the Nationwide Tour, which was also on at the
golf club, BTW, till 3 when USA started it's "coverage". They spent
about 8 minutes reviewing the day's play. Cool by me. Then they went to
some "Fran" somnethingorother somewhereorother for some sort of report
or other. So we get a report on various players that they just reviewed,
and then the clincher of all clinchers, a vignette on Briny Baird! Ya
gotta be kiddin' me! A vignette on Briny Baird? I cannot think of any
golfer I know who would not immediately***at the thought that we
cannot wath the golf because the network wants to air a vignette on
Briny Baird. Removes all doubt that netwroks don't cover golf for the
sake of the golf.

Fortunately LPGA Tour coverage was on, so I watched that. Good coverage
by my standards, golfers golfing, just like the TGC coverage. So The
LPGA coverage ends at 4PM, so I go back to good ole USA, and they show
maybe 10 shots in two "breaks" between commercials, and we get the
entire pantheon of USA talking heads giving their take on the COR deal
as raised by Tiger Woods. Now I tuned in to watch some golf. No golf?
Off with the TV, onward to the driving range!

These guys have no interest in covering golf. The ultra liberal urban
types that control the network sports see golf as totally boring because
it is not some sort of urban rah rah sport. But 25 million plus people
golf! IMHO, they are using golf to "market" their talking heads. Over
and over again on golf broadcasts that's all we get. Golfers rarely
watch golf because they don't cover golf. Two places I played on
saturday had the TV on the college world series, and as I have seen
before, when one brave soul actually switched to golf, the TV was
switched back because no one wanted to watch that &**&^%, with the
obscenity referring to the fact that the coverage was not golf.
Interestingly the same place had the Nationwide Tour on this afternoon,
despite the fact that the woman in the grill is a soap junkie.

TGC shows golf. Golfers are interested in golf. Even the "poor" rating
for the US Open this year were still pretty good for a sports event,
lousy coverage and all; compare with basketball, baseball and hockey.
Are the NBA playoffs done? Ya know they are broadcasting WNBA games; big
ratings there!

Golf needs to get away from the networks completely. They do not believe
in golf. It's too bourgeois for the ultra bourgeois neo marxists who run
the networks. It's not "urban" enough for them. Like basketball, the PGA
Tour needs complete control over broadcasts, no pictures of talking
heads, no vignettes, no "newsbreaks" while play is ongoing. No one
watching needs the commentators to "make" the story. Just report what is
happening. Nothing else is needed. Watson/Edwards was an event that
happened. It would have happened whether some commentator overdid the
coverage or not, and it would have far more inspirational if the
incompetent media didn't blow it way out of proportion, making it
annoying, but that's their job, make sports annoying, or so it seems.
Just report the damm tournament. No one watching cares what you think to
the extent that we need to hear any thought more than once, and limit
the thoughts to say 2 per hour. The comment that Mike Weir has been
under the radar till the US Open will live in my mind for a while; Dan
Hicks, fool.

Only have commentators who are golf enthusiasts and know something about
the game. As it is now, the product the PGA Tour presents is being used
for image marketing by the networks.