Info on some Titleist Clubs

Info on some Titleist Clubs

Post by John Marvin Zel » Wed, 27 Jul 1994 03:18:18

I recently acquired some used Titleist clubs and was wondering if
anyone out there could tell me about them.  Specifically, I was
wondering what "vinatge" they are, how much they might be worth, and
whether people had had any good or bad experiences playing them.

The irons are cavity back, but with a bar across the middle of the
cavity (similar to the Nicklaus linear dynamics, except that the bar
is in the same place for all clubs).  It says "Titleist" on the soles
and "Achushnet" across the bar on the back.  On either side of the bar
there are small circles which might be inset weights.  The one on the
toe-end has "tungsten" and "ac-108" written on it.  They have True
Temper steel shafts.  Anybody out there in netdom know anything about
these irons?

I haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but I'm thinking of
replacing the old Spalding blades I've been learning on and trying out
some cavity-backs.  Any comments would be appreciated.


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