TOE HITS... a drill to cure them

TOE HITS... a drill to cure them

Post by Frankenshan » Thu, 01 Jun 2006 00:30:57

This worked for me when everything else failed to cure toe hits:

Get an old club (iron), and a golf towel
lay the old club on the ground inside the target line , with the grip
end pointing at the FRONT 1/2 of the ball.(towards target).
The clubhead end  will be somewhere between your feet at address.
prop up the grip end about 1" off the ground and address the ball.
tap the grip end back so you have just enough room for the hosel to
pass by on a real swing.


<<<--------- O ----------  target line
            []  <---- folded towel goes under grip of old club
  ()         |          ()  <<-----feet line

I use this along with arm extension drills and watching my posture
The penalty for pulling your arms and hands back into your body is
(Don't worry, you won't hurt your left leg)
It feels great to hit dead center shots again.