Hitting off the toe, etc.

Hitting off the toe, etc.

Post by Bob McGwi » Wed, 10 Feb 1993 01:25:45

The primary reason for hitting off the toe is shortening of the arc.  Look
at all great golf swings and you will see that the downswing is started with
the hips and NOT the hands and arms.  When practicing, swing more slowly,
and try to maintain the sensation of `leaving your arms behind' as you start
your downswing with your hips.  This will maintain the long arclength required
to get full power, and you are more likely to hit the ball in the center of
the face.  Another common cause is for the golfer to try to square the club
with the hands, and pronating the leading hand (left hand for a right hander)
rather than having it supinated (sp?).  For maximum hit, taking a divot in
front of the ball, etc.: the leading hand should have the wrist out front and
the shaft behind the hands.  Your arms should not straighten out until AFTER
impact.  If they do it before, you have decelerated and either hit up on the
ball (causing high weak shots) or you hit fat.

I would suggest that all people who are working on the golf swing, and are
looking at the modern teachers, that you FIRST go to the master artisan of
the golf swing.  I recommend Hogans books, Fundamentals (five lessons) and
Power Golf.  I thought I was experiencing deja vous after having first
read Leadbetter's and Faldo's books.  The stuff of a good golf swing, really
well explained, is all there.  One strong recommmendation:  If you do not have
VERY strong wrists, and lower arms, DO NOT try to use Hogan's really weak grip.
Remember that hit a LONG fade, and needed the weak grip to help out.  He did
this to fight the tendency in his early career to hit pull hooks.  After you
have read Hogan's books, THEN read Faldo's book.  He and Hogan are birds of
a feather in their relentless search for new knowledge about the golf swing.
You are unlikely to do better than benefit from their experience.

Out of all of this if you distill only one factoid you will be way ahead:
Start your downswing with your hips and leave your arms back where you got
them to on your backswing until your turn forces them through and the fire
like hell with your right arm AND NOT BEFORE.  I am a golf fanatic.  I
practice at least an hour a day EVERY day, rain or shine (in my garage
based driving net/range if I have to).  In one year of doing this, following
Hogan/Faldo, I went from 19.2 to 10.4.  About half of this was improvement
in the golf swing.  The other half was short game.  I think the best
instructional tape out for the short game is Leadbetter's second tape.  What
an incredible value for the money.  It is almost two hours of all the
utility scoring shots well explained.  I went from 19.2 to 15 within
one and a half months after my chipping, putting, and pitching improved
following practicing what was in this tape.`

The season is almost here, start tuning up!

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