Philadelphia Area Outing

Philadelphia Area Outing

Post by ZO.. » Tue, 25 Apr 1995 04:00:00

When:  One day during week of May 8-12

Where: Course in Philadelphia/Jersey/Delaware/Maybe Maryland area

Why: Bob Pentram, former Philadelphian and R.S.G.-er, will be visiting (as if
     we needed an excuse!)

Who: Anyone who wants to join us -- the more the better

Some of you may remember, we did this last fall and had a great time. It was
wonderful to have a chance to meet some other R.S.G.-ers and enjoy a day of
golf together. No formal organization or tournament, just a day of golf with
folks whose names you may recognize (or not) from the 'net.

If you are interested in joining us, let me know pronto! The exact day for
the outing will be decided by group convenience, but it will be a weekday
for sure. If you have a course to suggest, let me know that, too.

All welcome.

Mark Schneider