Golfsmith Service

Golfsmith Service

Post by David Moo » Mon, 01 Mar 1993 17:24:00

MJIL>        Also, has anyone dealt with Golfsmith, hows the service?

Excellent.  24  hours  a  day,  seven  days  a  week.(Golfworks  and
Dynacraft are not 24 hours a day,every day).  If you contact them
with  a  tech question, they will get someone to the phone to answer
it. Their sales people are friendly and knowledgeable.  And  I  just
love  that  southern  drawllllll. (no flames please from my southern

My  orders have been filled promptly and correctly every time.  I've
bought clubheads, shafts, grips, tools, etc.  from them.  They
also have the best deal around for a  clubmakers association and
discounts  associated  with it.  $37.50 for first year, ($22.50) per
year renewals, and items every month on sale ONLY to GCA members.  I
picked up a shaft extractor normally $105 for only $85 by this path.
A  great  item  that certainly cuts down on re-shafting chores. Sure
beats my old crowbar type extractor that I had to keep the  pressure

Dynacraft   and  Golfworks  have  nothing  even  close.  Dynacraft's
association is 100 bucks a year and a few item discounts.  I  don't
think Golfworks even has an association.

You'll find Golfsmith prices tend to be the lowest overall.


Golfsmith Service

Post by CARL MC KINLEY 753-9461 (8 » Wed, 03 Mar 1993 05:55:00

I too buy most of my componets from Golfsmith, (Golfworks
does have a shaft extractor as well as many other speciality
tools). Several years ago I attented Golfworks repair school
(mostly because it was closer to me than Texas) and was
pleased with the training. Golfsmith does seem to have the best
component prices and they are a pleasure to work with.
Likewise I have no real complaints about Golfworks(unless I
dont soon get the clubs they back ordered).

By the way, on the ClubMakers Assoc, I just received a magazine
from them that has the much debated Carbon Stick on sale
for $14.00(I think) to members only!!!!

Carl Mc Kinley