60 deg. wedge

60 deg. wedge

Post by JOHN SNEL » Sat, 24 Apr 1993 23:53:00

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>Andy, why do you want a titanium or graphite shaft on a lob wedge?
>I fail to see the rationale here.  Do you want to John Daly your wedge
>150 yards?  I think a steel shaft with a forged head would give you
>much better feel and control of distance which is what you want with a
>lob wedge.  Don't get me wrong, I have a boron/graphite shaft on my
>driver and I love it.  But, you don't need the extra distance on your
>lob wedge, feel is most important here.  I think this driver through
>lob wedge with graphite shafts and heads is a bit of a fad right now,
>but I don't think it's necessary on the shorter clubs.  Feel and
>distance control are what you want to have so the steel shaft and
>forged clubhead is your best bet in my humble opinion.

>A few thoughts,



I'm appreciative to your humble opinion, but I've been golfin the 60
wedge over 75 yards all my life. I don't force it out, and I get
accurate shots. Feel is not sacraficed here anyhow, I've tested, to a
degree, a graphite lobber. In fact, witha a forged head, it gives me
better feel. Anyhow, the lighter club will allow me to swing more
freely, and if you think so, I might be getting more accuracy.

Peace, Andy Tennant


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