Excellent Condition Used Golf Balls FS

Excellent Condition Used Golf Balls FS

Post by Balls4Sa » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

 Look at their prices then look at mine. These balls are found in a field (NOT
WATER) and look like new.

  We live next to a Golf Course and have aquired a large number of quality
balls. These balls were lost by golfers like you, many I am sure were only
hit a couple of times. They look like new with no cuts or slices. Why pay new
ball prices when you can obtain the same balls at less than half price. If
you do not see your favorite ball listed, E-Mail us, we might have it. The
price of the balls are $7.75 a dozen (which includes shipping). If you
purchase 5 or more dozens, they are $6.75 a dozen,$5.00 a dozen plus
$1.75/Dozen for shipping
Overseas orders E-Mail for price (shipping).
Dunlop          30 Dozen           Includes  DDH, DDHII DDHIII, DDHIV
Maxfli            36 Dozen           Includes MD, CD,  some XS
Top Flite       150 Dozen          Includes XL, Plus,Tour
Top Flite Magna   10 Dozen
Pinnacle        50 Dozen           Includes Gold, 384, 332
Pro Staff        50 Dozen           Includes  Distance, Performance
Wilson Staff   5  Dozen             Tc2s
Ultra              9 Dozen                                                  
The Flame    2 Dozen
Molitor            3 Dozen                                                
Slazanger 2 Dozen
Nitro               3 Dozen                                                  
Hogan             2 Dozen                                                  
1200LT          1 Dozen
Spalding         6 Dozen                 Plus                            John
Daly      1 Dozen                                          
Tour 432          2 Dozen                                                
Precept          2 Dozen
Titelist            10 Dozen (mixed)                                          

Top Flite Strata  1 Dozen  ($10.00)
Balatas            5 Dozen (mixed)
Also have Yellow  and Orange Balls.
E-Mail for conformation, We accept Money Orders and checks. Overseas orders
will only accept International Money Orders in US funds. I have been selling
used Golf Balls for well over 20 years.


Excellent Condition Used Golf Balls FS

Post by Dennis Ta » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I re-collect a hilarious situation at one of the golf course. There was a Par 4
which dogleg to the right. Just after this dog-leg there were a few houses nearby.
A number of children use to wait at this hidden corner for brave golfers who drive
across this dogleg.

It is a great feeling to carry 210 yards over the trees to play a wedge shot to
the green. Often, I notice golfers spending much time searching for their balls
after they thought they had drove an excellent shot. This area was also the home
of monkeys. The golfers thought that perhaps the monkeys had taken the balls in
that area.

One golfer got the wiser when he was approached to purchase used balls. He bought
them and noticed that one of them was a ball he had lost in that same fairway a
week earlier.

The golfer was a Committee Member of the Club. He decided to unravel this mystery
and set up an "ambush". He got a pair of binoculars and waited on the far side of
the green out of sight in the jungle. He discovered the culprit behind these
missing balls on the fairway. A group of children would quickly rush up to these
balls while the group of golfers walk up to the fairway. Later they would sell
these balls to golfers at half or less than half the original price.

No inference meant but I just could not help laughing at the incident when as an
observer he related the puzzled expressions of golfers searching for their balls
on the fairway. :-)