RSG'ers in S.F. next week?

RSG'ers in S.F. next week?

Post by Mark M. Limbaug » Tue, 27 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Any RSGers going to the Netscape developers conference next
week in S.F.?  Or the Microsoft Internet PDC the following

I'm going to both and planning to take my life savings and play
Pebble and maybe Spyglass the weekend between the conferences.
If anyone is interested in getting together either week, or
playing PB and SH, let me know (prefer email, but will check here).

I thought it'd be cool to put same faces to these names, and have
someone else pay for it!

(BTW, I've been off of RSG for a couple months -- new job and
all that.  It looks like it's gotten pretty crazy.  Some very
opinionated new personalities running around here.)


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