Metal Wood Refinishing

Metal Wood Refinishing

Post by GBM » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have a set of metal woods (Arnie's Own 1,3,5&7) that came with a set that
I bought when I took up golf last year after a long layoff.  These clubs are
less than 1 year old, but the #3 & #5 have a lot of s***from not using
head covers. I would like to refinish them with a view to reselling.

I have been told about a product made by a company called Provision Inc out
of Vancouver, Wa.  the product is called something like McKee's club renew
and it is a 3-step process that requires a lot of rubbing.


1. Has anyone used this product.
2. Does anyone know where to buy this, preferably in Canada.
3. What are the alternatives?


How much should I ask for this set (steel shafts) - These clubs are a step
above K-Mart / Wal-Mart el cheapos, but not as good as the major brands.