Golfsmith Forged update--Not Golfsmith!

Golfsmith Forged update--Not Golfsmith!

Post by Mike Daleck » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

Thanks for all the comments and help regarding the discussion about my
building a set of forged blades like the Mizuno MP-14 model.

You may recall my dismay at being unable to get a used set of MP14s on
Ebay.  I was resigned (well, too strong a word--I love building clubs)
to building a set of forged clubs along the lines of the Golfsmith

During that thread, out of the blue, came an email from an occasional
poster to RSG, who offered me a used set of MP14s he had sitting in a
closet for a very reasonable price.  We wrangled a bit about how to
exchange the clubs and money w/o either of us being scammed by the other
(I was more concerned than he was), when the other guy simply said "I'll
send them to you, if you like them send me a check, if not send them

Well, who could ask for more from an RSG'er?  He sent me the clubs, and
they are just what I was looking for.  The check is in the mail (sent
yesterday morning).

I finally got to play with the new clubs today (I did hit some at a
range yesterday), and I am very encouraged.  I shot a 39 (par 34) which
should have been a 37 but for 2 putts that bounced and veered offline
due to aeration.  (Side note:  I've learned not to let that bother me
since it's not my fault--I stroked good putts).  I hit a few very pure
shots with them, including a 175-yard bullet out of the rough right onto
the green.  

I'm struggling with the distances right now, not unexpectedly.  I just
don't know how far I hit each club yet.  They're about a club, maybe a
club and a half shorter than the Fat Shafts I just relinquished.  The
lofts aren't as strong, and the clubs are about an inch or and inch and
a fraction shorter.  

The clubs seemed clearly easier to hit out of rough, something I was
looking for in a club.  This, I'm sure, is due to the smaller clubhead.
Sure was easier to get the club on the ball, even with a nestled lie.

I sure do like the feel of these clubs.  I have this sense, when I hit
them, that I know where the ball is going (that sounds dumb, but it's
true).  I was much straighter with them than I ever was with the fat
shafts (now that's odd, since being "straighter" is the fat shaft claim
to fame).  

I expect it will take me a couple of weeks to dial in the distances, and
when that happens I'll report on how I'm doing with them.

Mike Dalecki