A typical golf teaching scenario

A typical golf teaching scenario

Post by la.. » Fri, 29 Mar 2013 10:46:28

The guy walks up for a lesson.  His golf swing is his baseball swing.   He is too upright and backswings too flat.  From that top position, he downswings over the top, failing to shift and of course swiping across the ball from outside to in.  SLICE!   If he is smart he stops and starts lessons.

But if he persists, he will start setting up with clubhead closed and then flipping it further closed through the ball.  He will either slice or pull-hook.  Some do this for years and become basically unteachable.

But then if he wises up and takes some lessons, the pro fixes his grip and his setup and especially his posture.  He shows him how to turn his shoulders around his straight spine, take it up and then lay it off onto the plane to swing through. That new correct top position triggers him to start with weight shift and hips, and suddenly he finds himself making a classic finish!

AND it cost less than the price of a driver.