Titleist "HP2 Distance" vs. "DT 2-piece" ball flight

Titleist "HP2 Distance" vs. "DT 2-piece" ball flight

Post by Brent Hut » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've played the DT 2-piece ever since it hit the market. Until recently,
it was perfect for me since I hit the ball really low and count on a
lot of roll to get any distance. No ball I've tried goes as straight or
rolls as far as the DT 2-piece.

However, some improvements in my swing and recent improvments in my
irons (switching from "S" flex TT Lite shafts to DCI Oversize+ irons
with "R" flex Tri-Spec shafts) have me hitting the ball on a much
higher arc. I'm starting to appreciate the consistency advantage to
higher shots. Plus it's fun to hit a 6-iron over a tree for the first
time in my life.

I have played a couple of rounds with the HP2 Distance ball. I am
almost certain that it goes a bit higher than the DT 2-piece even
comparing both with my new clubs (apples to apples). I do seem to
be giving up that occasional drive on a hard fairway that rolls and
rolls and rolls with the DT 2-piece.

One other thing (maybe in my imagination) is that the HP2 Distance
seems to go a little further on long putts and chip shots than the
DT 2-piece, with the same stroke. I guess it would be possible for
the HP2 Distance to roll further on the green whereas the DT 2-piece
rolls further on the fairway, but that seems counter-intuitive.

I'd be interested in comparing notes with anyone else who has
compared these two balls side-by-side. Especially anyone who is a
low-ball hitter with an inconsistent swing like me. Thanks!