Golf and the UK Univeristy System (was Justin Rose's Quest for a Tour Card

Golf and the UK Univeristy System (was Justin Rose's Quest for a Tour Card

Post by Crispin Roch » Tue, 24 Nov 1998 04:00:00


I tried emailing this to you but got a fail so I have decided to post it in
r.s.g. instead

I started to describe the British university system but it got so long
winded and confusing I gave up.  Suffice it to say sports scholarships are
rare and many universities do not give them.  The vast majority of sporting
excellence which arises out of british universities does so purely from the
efforts of individual students and largely in the confines of student run
sports clubs.

In connection with golf, however, there are two universities(Universities of
Surrey and Stirling) which run degrees in association with the PGA
specifically for academically good assistant pros.  The students on these
have the double task of meeting alll the assistant pro qualifications and
their degree requirements as well.

Several other universities do have very good golf clubs however, University
of St. Andrews is one and the University of London another, the latter has
an entry requirement of maximum handicap of 6!.

Hope this helps

Crispin Roche

> He's a kid and he made a mistake by going out on tour too soon. That is
> all. By the way you write about him it almost seems as if you have
> something personal against the kid. And I certainly wouldn't say he has
> been over hyped. I have seen only a few references to him in the US
> sports media since the Open. If I am following you headers correctly,
> the you live in the US, so I am wondering why you feel he has been over
> hyped. I have seen far more about O'Meara, Norman, Woods and Kuchar than
> I have Rose.

> And the comparison to Kuchar is irrelevant. They live on 2 different
> continents with completely different social structures. In the US there
> is always pressure for younger players to stay in school, particularly
> when they have a scholarship. As far as I know, few if any European
> schools award athletic scholarships. Rose and his family would have had
> to pay to send him to university and they may not have had the financial
> resources to do so. And even if they did, I am not even sure that many
> European colleges have golf programs.

> Could one of the European readers explain how the university systems
> work over there, especially with regards to golf? I am afraid that I
> have only a very limited understanding and that may be incorrect.

> Good Golf
> Dan


Golf and the UK Univeristy System (was Justin Rose's Quest for a Tour Card

Post by Dan Driscol » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00


Thanks for the response, I thought that was how things worked in Europe,
but I wasn't positive.

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Good Golf