pain in left wrist/correct grip?

pain in left wrist/correct grip?

Post by Joseph Hargit » Sun, 14 Jun 1992 11:36:00

Any of you experienced pain in your left wrist? (lower

Any ideas about the correct size of grips?

(My fingers on the left hand touch my palm much more than the

recommended "slightly". Actually, I often feel that there isn't

enough space for my fingers there?)

Could that be the culprit?



pain in left wrist/correct grip?

Post by Jason Chodo » Wed, 17 Jun 1992 05:34:38

I have experienced golf-induced pain in my left wrist.  I discovered my
left-hand grip had gotten too weak through the years, giving me a weak
fade to all of my longer shots.  I strengthened my left-hand grip and
started hitting the ball great.  

Armed with my new grip and the improved scores it yielded, I played LOTS
of golf for a few weeks.  All of a sudden I started feeling pains in my
left wrist during/after a swing.  Of course, I ignored it.  It got
gradually worse until it became too painful to swing.  I also started to
see a little swelling on the back of my hand between the thumb and first

I finally decided it was time to ask the doctor, and he diagnosed at as
wrist tendonitis.  He prescribed rest (NO GOLF) and an anti-inflammitory
(Motrin.)  After a few months of partial rest and occasional Motrin, my
wrist felt worse than ever.  

I again visited the doctor, convinced that arthroscopic surgery or some
other high-tech cure-all was in order.  He then explained how tendonitis
works.  Rest and an Motrin act to reduce the inflammation of the tendon
and promote healing.  Motrin only acts as an anit-inflammatory after it's
been in your system for a while, so they have to be taken religously.
Even after a few weeks of healing, a few swings on a still damaged
tendon can aggravate the injury.  

I finally decided to listen.  I layed off of golf COMPLETELY for three
months and took the Motrin as if my life depended on it.  I then eased
back into golf with only occasional practice.  I am now back to a normal
amount of golf, and the wrist pain has never returned.

A visit to your doctor is probably in order.  If you do indeed have
tendonitis, treat it seriously !!  The longer you aggravate the injury,
the longer it will take to heal....

Good luck,

Jason Chodora