Callaway "Hawkeye" teasers start/Adams announce new Ti Woods

Callaway "Hawkeye" teasers start/Adams announce new Ti Woods

Post by Mike Snowde » Sat, 09 Jan 1999 04:00:00

The website has changed the intro page... and says

To quote from Reuters

>>    The ads offered golfers and investors few details saying only
>> "Hawk Eye - Coming Soon - The Greatest Big Bertha Woods Ever."

One assumes that this is either a GBB replacement with a hawkeye sole and
weigth distribution as GBB is the fairway version and BBB isn't, or is HUGE
and replaces both.  My money is on the former; if the latter happens then
the legions of people who never wanted to go BBB will be less likely to
adopt the new one.  It also fits the slogan.

What wasn't teased was the ball program, and that is upwards of $100m so
far.  Any bets on a matched driver/ball launch?

Secondly Adams ( have announced the Sc Series woods:
Basically complex shapes to optimise spin, and different versions available,
depending on whether you're straight, a *** or slicer.

Roll on the Orlando show - assumed for Callaway and announced for Adams.