Golf = Cure for wrist pain...

Golf = Cure for wrist pain...

Post by Joe Cartpat » Tue, 12 Feb 2002 10:30:52

All week long my right wrist was killing me. Couldn't turn a door knob.
Couldn't lift anything heavier than a glass of Merlot <burp>. It was so bad,
I wrapped the wrist with an elastic bandage to try to immobilize it. That
worked pretty well, but I kept tightening it up a little at a time, until
Thursday afternoon. That's when one of my coworkers asked me what the hell
happened to my right hand. That's when I noticed it was swollen and purple
(can you say "tourniquet"?). I pretty much figured my weekend of golf was in
serious jeporday.

Since it was my right wrist, and not my left, I decided to tough it out and
try to play. Donning the wrist bandage, I teed off Saturday morning to see
what would happen. As it turns out, I never noticed the injured wrist - even
on fat shots (and I had a few of those). When I woke up this morning, the
wrist wasn't sore at all - so I played another round without the bandage.
Again, no pain at all (not any caused by the wrist, anyway). Now the wrist
is fine.

So, should I file a claim with Blue Cross for my $35.00 in green fees -
claiming it as "therapy"?

Should I deduct my winnings of $4.00 from the amount I file for?

If they pay the claim, should I play nicer courses next time (after all, it
would still cost them less that a doctor's visit)?

If this works, would a new set of Hogan Apex or MacGregor VIP irons be
better "therapy" than my 1980 Directors?

How many years can you get for insurance fraud?

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