pro's loft

pro's loft

Post by kevi » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00

The few PGA pro's I know use clubs with hot lofts.  But today I got an
email telling me that most touring pros don't need to use hot lofts and
that I was mistaken.

In addition, the ones tht I know have the lie on each club indiviually
adjusted slightly when necessary.  I was under the impression that all
touring pros did this.  Am I right or wrong?
My data is based on two PGA pros, LPGA pro and one men' senior PGA pro.


pro's loft

Post by JoePe » Fri, 25 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I don't know what you mean by hot lofts, but it's a measurable fact that
many clubs today have less loft than their predecessors. I'll use a 7-iron
for example. Traditionally the loft of a 7-iron was between 38 and 41
degrees. Today, many manufacturers have it at about 32 or 33 degrees
(Cobra, Taylor Made, Callaway among them). This is mostly on the
cavity-back clubs because the design of these cause the ball to fly higher
than with a forged blade.

But even something like Titleist's DCI's come with a 7-iron or 36 degrees
standard loft.

Now you can always custom order the lofts or adjust them if you have the
equipment, but the point is if you are impressed with a pro's distance or
that of your golfing buddy who just bought a set of "space age" clubs. The
reality is you could get similar results if you took a sledge hammer to
your old blades.

If you're looking at new clubs and find you're hitting one set further
than the other, have the lofts checked before you buy into the hype of any
"advanced material" or "revolutionary shaft design"