Presidents Cup Becoming More Popular Than Ryder Cup

Presidents Cup Becoming More Popular Than Ryder Cup

Post by William A. T. Clar » Sun, 02 Oct 2005 12:20:15


> > > Euros didn't whine and whine and whine about some
> > > presumed great "incident" on the 17th green?

> > People other than Olazabal did complain, but that isn't what you wrote.

> > Re-read your original statement above:
> > " he responded characterizes the whole event,***and whine."
> > Don't re-write it.

> Ollie's original respond was to whine about it. I'm happy he later saw
> the light!

> > > This years President's Cup was better than any Ryder Cup I have ever
> > > seen, and the US winning had nothing to do with it. The golf was great,
> > > the atmosphere was great, and that made it fun to watch. No requirement
> > > that one side "properly hate" the other.

> > Where's the hate in the RC?

> Just quoting Paul Casey...accurately, BTW, when I reference the idea of
> an OSU, Michgan football game.

Naaah, OSU-Michigan games are becoming as one sided as the Ryder Cup
lately. 3-1 OSU under Tressel.

William Clark