Info Needed - Port St. Lucie Players Club

Info Needed - Port St. Lucie Players Club

Post by bl221.. » Fri, 27 Dec 1996 04:00:00

        I will be at a conference at Clearwater Beach Jan 8-11.  I am planning
on playing at least one day (sat the 11th).  I am seriously considering
taking a drive to Port St. Lucie (sp?) to play the TPC Club (not certain if
this is the correct name or not).  It has a couple of Fazio courses that are
of championship caliber, but playable for all levels (ie, wide landing areas,
huge greens, etc).

        Has anyone played these courses?  I am sure there are many courses to
play closer to where I will be, but I really liked the look of this place on
the commercial I saw.  If you have played, let me know:  how much $; course
condition; any other pertinent info.