Right and Left wing radio yakkers

Right and Left wing radio yakkers

Post by Frank Ketchu » Thu, 11 Apr 2013 08:34:44


>>>> While driving up to 'mom sit' for a bit, I was flipping back and forth
>>>> between SiriusXM's 'Patriot' and 'Left' channels.  It was interesting
>>>> to
>>>> say the least.

>>>> The misnamed 'Patriot' channel seems to be all from 'The Blaze' channel
>>>> that Glenn Beck started up.  And I was surprised to find that there are
>>>> some talkers on the right more nuts than Glenn.  I didn't really think
>>>> that was possible!  :)

>>>> But the one thing I noticed is that on both channels the talkers were
>>>> all pretty nuts.  Throwing out one nutty, poorly researched subject to
>>>> discuss after another.

>>>> And other than the positions taken, they were both very similar in
>>>> approach.  Propose a nutty topic, back up the position with some vague
>>>> references, sometimes get a nutjob author on to talk about it, and take
>>>> calls from those that were just as nuts as the DJ on the shows.

>>>> The one thing I think I learned in all that listening is that if you
>>>> want to get some facts, don't tune in those channels!

>>>Agreed. Waterboarding is nothing  Listening to Siriusxm politics
>>> is torture.

>> Which program?  And why do you listen to it?

> I don't listen to them. I have tuned to right and left stations.
> Equally horrid. I listened to Adam Carolla's podcast on the way
> to and from the Wanenmacher gun show this weekend

Get it on! Got to get it on!