Bullet "PowerLock" Gloves - "Illegal?"

Bullet "PowerLock" Gloves - "Illegal?"

Post by Jeff Chun » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 18:04:47

   Anyone out there know anything about this?

   Over this past weekend while I was checking out a sale at Art Wilson
Golf Shop, I was informed by a salesperson there that the PowerLock glove
has been deemed "illegal" by the USGA and, therefore, Bullet has decided
to stop making them.

   For those of you who don't know what the PowerLock looks like it has a
2nd velcro strap that goes around one's wrist in addition to the "usual"
vecro patch that is on the back of the hand.  

   I _guess_ I can see where the USGA is coming from if this is indeed
true because I _guess_ that strap could give extra support to one's wrist
and therefore give an advantage, although I've played rounds with an
without that glove and I don't really see a difference.  <shrug>

   THe thing is, I've been using that glove for the past couple years and
only now I hear that it's considered a no-no to use one (in tournament
play).  Oh well...heck, the only reason I even picked one up in the first
place was because they were on sale and they actually had a bunch in my
size - small.  The funny part is that I bought 6 of them last time they
were on sale and I still have 4 of them left.  Well, I'm not going to up and
throw them away, that's for sure.  I bought 'em, I'm going to use 'em.  Heh.

   Hey, does this negate all my rounds for the past 2 years?  I hope so.  
Now, I can get my index back UP to where it is actually representative of
my present game.  (The question in this particular paragraph is
rhetorical - NO answer is necessary.)

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