Bay Area Industrial Tennis League

Bay Area Industrial Tennis League

Post by John Togasa » Fri, 19 Jun 1992 17:09:26


    I was wondering if there are some companies in the Bay Area,
mainly South Bay, that would be interested in playing in the
Bay Area Industrial Tennis League?  I'm the league coordinator
this year (hopefully only this year) and one of the things the
current team captains brought up was a desire to get more
companies involved.  Currently, there are 11 companies in the
league.  They are: Amdahl, Hewlett-Packard, National Semiconductor,
Centigram, Sun Microsystems, Apple, Taligent, Novell, Tandem,
Varian, and Adobe.  In the past, new companies usually found out
by word of mouth from the current companies, but we'd like to spread
the word a little more this year.

    The current season is over halfway through, so it's too late
to join this year, but we'll start the league again early next
year.  The format is six doubles teams, with the first five
being any doubles (men's, women's, or mixed), but usually your
strongest teams, and the sixth position is always mixed doubles.
Several teams play women's doubles at #5.

    This season we were limited to a format of five doubles teams
per match, with the fifth being mixed, but we hope to return to
six again next year.  This means you need twelve players to field
a team.  Each company plays each of the other companies in the
league once, and the four teams with the best record go to the
playoffs.  The winning team holds the rotating trophy for a year.
The fee per team is about $450 for the season.  This includes
court time, tennis balls, and an end of year tennis party to
socialize with the other players.

    I am putting together a list of interested companies for next
year.  If your company is interested in playing, please let me know
and I'll add it to the list and pass it on to the league coordinator
for next year.  I need to know the company name, the team captain's
name, address, telephone number, and email address if there is one.
The season usually runs from April to August, so it usually takes
a pool of about 30 players to field a complete team for every match.
It requires a fair amount of planning ahead, so that's why I'm
posting this now.  It doesn't hurt to get on the list now, but please
make sure you can field a team before you commit to joining the

    On a side note, I read that someone in the NCTA is working on
getting together a corporate league.  Does anyone know anything
about this or know who the appropriate person is to contact?  It
might be helpful for them to know that a league already exists, although
it's currently limited to the South Bay and Peninsula areas.


   John Togasaki

P.S. Feel free to spread the word about the league to people who
     might not see this posting.  I'd very much prefer email responses,
     but I'll give out my phone number if you request it for people
     who don't have access to email.