Women's doubles (Was Men's Finals: Commentary

Women's doubles (Was Men's Finals: Commentary

Post by robe.. » Tue, 06 Jul 1993 20:47:37


> Gigi Fernandez and Natalia Zvereva win the doubles and need only
> the US Open to win a Grand Slam, having already captured the French
> and Australian Open.   They won over Novotna and Neiland (?) in three
> sets.

This is actually their 6th GS doubles title in a row, the first being last
year's French Open.  This final was also what happened in last year's final
(same winners and runners-up).

An interesting thing about those four players is that they exchanged partners
2 years ago just after Wimbledon (if I am not mistaken).

Novotna used to play with Gigi Fernandez and Zvereva with Neiland and they
were to play the final.
I read an interview with Gigi Fernandez where she claims Novotna and Neiland
had already decided prior to the match that they would play together after
that, but that Zvereva and herself knew nothing about it.

The way things happened, they also decided to play together and have been
dominating the women's double for quite a while.  In the doubles ranking,
Gigi Fernandez is #1 and Zvereva #2.

Roberto Barros