College Tennis Information from College Tennis Weekly

College Tennis Information from College Tennis Weekly

Post by BillOBri » Tue, 01 Nov 1994 23:12:01


College tennis news has long been considered to be almost as hard to get
as atomic secrets.  College Tennis Weekly changes all that.

In its third year of publication, College Tennis Weekly is a tabloid
reporting stories and results of college tournaments and matches at all
levels of college tennis; Divisions I, II,III and NAIA.  The magazine is
published 25 times a year, every week of the college season.

Men's current top ten teams:  Stanford, Georgia, UCLA, USC, Mississippi
State, Duke, Texas, TCU, Miami, and Pepperdine.

Women's current top ten teams: Texas, Georgia, Stanford, California,
Florida, Duke, UCLA, Pepperdine, Arizona State, and Kentucky

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